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  • 25 Jul, 2017
We're taking out some media advertising to make sure everyone knows who to turn to for quality motive power batteries and chargers. Here's a quick look before they hit the press!
By AMIT GHOSAL 18 Nov, 2017

Amit Ghosal, Chief Executive of UK firm Espex Batteries Ltd, had the great honour of collecting a Golden Peacock 'Special Commendation' award for sustainability on 25th October 2017, on behalf of Indian parent company Exide Industries Limited.

Exide recycling facts:

·    Lead, the main raw material in a lead acid storage battery, is recyclable. Recycling an old battery to reclaim its lead content is not only socially and environmentally desirable; it also makes perfect economic sense for everyone involved in the value chain.

·    At Exide India, we buy back old batteries for recycling as a part of our commitment to help protect the environment.

·    Close to 40% of the lead and lead alloy requirements of Exide are met through recycled lead.

Mr Ghosal comments: "It was a great honour to collect this award on behalf of Exide India. All companies within the organisation are proud of their sustainability achievements, and we realise that in the case of lead-acid batteries many people aren't fully aware of the environmental considerations or sustainability issues. The truth is, however, that our manufacturing processes operate to the very highest standards and the batteries we supply to our clients are, in fact, recyclable."



The picture shows the Award being presented by Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Andhra Pradesh State, India [left] to Espex Batteries Ltd.’s Chief Executive Amit Ghosal [right], in the presence of c aptains of industries, UK government ministers and the Indian High Commissioner to the UK.

By AMIT GHOSAL 11 Aug, 2017

Lead-acid batteries have been around since the mid 1800s and the technology is constantly being honed and refined. As the more environmentally friendly and cleaner alternative to IC engine forklift trucks, electric forklifts rely on cost-effective, efficient and practical batteries and their associated chargers.

That’s what makes lead-acid the battery of choice for forklift trucks the world over, but there is competition.

The benefits of its much younger cousin, lithium-ion, are often touted, and on paper they’re hard to deny. High energy density, quick recharging and low self-discharge rates (i.e. the rate at which batteries run down when left to their own devices) are certainly appealing traits so it’s understandable that some are viewing lithium-ion as the ideal forklift battery solution.


But in the real world, these benefits start to lose some of their impact. Alas, the cost-to-benefit ratio just doesn’t add up - the cost of replacing a lead-acid battery in an existing forklift with a lithium-ion equivalent (and also replacing the associated charger) could set the buyer back by up to four times the amount needed to just replace the present lead-acid battery like-for-like. That’s a cost that most businesses simply aren’t able to entertain and puts the focus on taking advantage of the more pragmatic lead-acid options, which are improving all the time.

There’s also the issue of recyclability – there’s no denying it’s cheaper and easier to recycle a lead-acid battery than a lithium-ion one and we all know the importance of recycling when it comes to industrial battery use.

So while we’re all for looking forward when it comes to battery technology, we can see the future of forklifts being electric, and that electricity coming from cost-effective and recyclable lead-acid batteries.

By AMIT GHOSAL 25 Jul, 2017
We're taking out some media advertising to make sure everyone knows who to turn to for quality motive power batteries and chargers. Here's a quick look before they hit the press!
By AMIT GHOSAL 13 Dec, 2016
We have high hopes for 2017, as we look to continue our work delivering unbeatable customer service and some of the very best products on the market. But with a few weeks left in 2016 it’s not too late to get your battery orders in; our last orders before the break will leave us on the 22nd of December to arrive on 23rd.

The Espex Batteries offices will be shut from midday on December 23rd and we’ll all be returning on January 3rd. We hope you all have a restful end to the year and come back raring to go in 2017!
By AMIT GHOSAL 13 Dec, 2016
The Macmillan charity works to help people who are diagnosed with cancer – and their families – taking a pragmatic approach to offering support, advice and emotion guidance. They also work to assist people in getting access to the most appropriate medical care for their needs, including specialist cancer nurses, and even grants for cancer patients with money problems.

Espex Batteries Ltd has been proud to support this incredible charity with the donation of a 48V forklift truck battery and CEIL charger at a fund raising event dedicated to raising between £20,000 and £40,000.

“A forklift traction battery might seem like an unusual donation to a charity,” explains Chief Executive Amit Ghosal, “but they have great practical value and financial worth for this charity auction – we’re just delighted to be able to do our bit in support of the wonderful work the men and women at Macmillan undertake to ease the burden on cancer sufferers and their loved ones.”
By AMIT GHOSAL 26 Sep, 2016
Espex Batteries Ltd is proud to announce the launch of two new traction battery chargers ranges to augment its existing range of high-spec fork-truck batteries and accessories.

Unveiled at the IMHX 2016 exhibition, the ‘High Frequency Series’ and ‘50Hz Charger-with Data Display’ add more options and more technology to our existing charger range, meaning Espex can truly be your one-stop battery shop for any traction application.

“IMHX was an excellent experience for us, as always,” comments Chief Executive Amit Ghosal, “and it proved the ideal platform for us to announce these two new Traction Charger solutions.

“All at Espex would like to thank the visitors to our stand; we were overwhelmed by the support and goodwill received from our valued customers, OEM and channel partners, suppliers as well as all those we had the pleasure of meeting for the first time.”

Espex Batteries Ltd remains committed to serving the materials handling industry with our enhanced level of customer service and additional product ranges coming soon.
By AMIT GHOSAL 05 Aug, 2016

We’re going to be on stand 11N51 in Hall 11 at the upcoming IMHX 2016 exhibition, and we’d love to see you there.

We always enjoy attending this annual trade show because it brings together so many people from all over the materials handling world, giving us a chance to chat with our customers, suppliers and contacts outside of our daily working lives.

We hope you can make it to the show. If you’d like to book a particular slot to visit the stand, please just call us on 02920 705453; Alternatively you’re more than welcome to just show up and we’ll be happy to accommodate you!

About IMHX  

IMHX is the largest meeting place for the UK’s materials handling industry. This September over 20,000 supply chain professionals will gather to evaluate cutting edge technologies, explore the latest industry solutions and discuss how to increase efficiencies within supply chain operations. It is also an opportunity to network with industry colleagues and debate the industry's hottest topics. See more on the IMHX website.

By AMIT GHOSAL 03 Aug, 2016

...and you’re looking at it! We’ve listened carefully to feedback from our customers and created a brand new website that makes it easier than ever to reach the useful information that they require.

Chief Executive Amit Ghosal comments: “The new site really reflects the strength of the Espex company and our traction battery brand, CEIL, showing us to be the knowledgeable, confident market leader that we are. We’re constantly listening to what our customer are telling us, which is why our new site has been optimised for mobile devices such as mobile phones.”

The site features datasheets, brochures and specifications for many of our battery products, chargers and services.

We’re now active on social media too – please see the links at the top of this page.

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