Automotive SLI Batteries

Automotive SLI Batteries

Top-class automotive SLI batteries available nationwide and beyond

Espex Batteries Ltd can provide you with high quality automotive batteries that run longer than average batteries due to their superior design. 

Heavy-Duty Chloride 
Batteries for Heavy Vehicles

Heavy-duty chloride batteries
We specialise in supplying heavy-duty batteries for the giants on the road – truck batteries, lorry batteries and more. Below are some of the advantages offered by our HGV batteries:
  • Withstands bumps and vibrations
  •  Improved life cycle 
  • Quick recharge 
  • Enhanced safety 
  • Leak resistant design 
  • Maintenance free 
  • Ready-to-use 
For more information on our heavy-duty batteries, please read the brochure for CHLORIDE Heavy Duty Batteries for Heavy Vehicles.

Automotive Starter

Automotive starter batteries
SLI stands for Starting, Lighting, Ignition – the process of starting up an engine. The batteries we supply are factory charged and wet shipped so that you get better performance and a higher reliability factor. Some of the advantages of our batteries are:
  • ‘Magic eye’ charge indicator 
  • Easy handling 
  • Safety venting 
  • Superior quality separators 
  • High performance plates 
For more details, please check the Automotive Battery Brochure and contact us today.
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