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10 Years
service to the UK
Materials Handling Industry

Welcome to ESPEX

ESPEX is the European subsidiary company of Exide Industries Limited, India group.

Located in Cardiff, with facilities to hold over 30,000 cells in stock, ESPEX is one of the largest Lead-Acid Industrial battery distributors in Europe.

Product lines:
  • Motive Power batteries
  • Stationary / Standby Power batteries
  • Special batteries for renewable energy storage
  • Deep-cycle 6V, 8V, 12V monobloc batteries
  • Automotive batteries (for Bulk requirements only)
  • Battery Chargers

Services provided:
  • Pre-sales consultation and assessment
  • Product recommendation and sales
  • Transportation and installation of new batteries
  • Collection of used batteries
  • After-sales support

Regions served:
  • UK and Europe, MiddleEast and Africa